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    Introducing Dairy Farm Equestrian
    a small, friendly, Coaching and Training Establishment
    run by Caroline Peatfield.
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    Coaching / Training
    Coaching is available for riders of all ages and abilities
    serious competition rider, the nervous novice, or
    the rider simply wanting greater enjoyment of their horse.
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    Twenty five years coaching experience
    coaching dressage, showjumping and cross country.

Coaching & Training

Dressage Training

Individual lessons on your horse, working alongside the Scales of Training to develop a more harmonius partnership between horse and rider.  Improving the horses way of going. Developing the riders position to ensure greater effectiveness.  Dressage test riding to improve your dressage score. 





Dressage Judging

Caroline is a  BD List 4 Judge.

She is available to judge BD, BE, PC, RC and unaffiiiated competitions.  



Show Jump Training

Caroline is available to give lessons at Dairy Farm, or can accompany you to a local competition venue for one of their practice days.

Clients can work on a variety of themes to suit individual needs.  Exercises to improve rider confidence.  Gymnastic jumping exercises to quicken rider reactions, and so work towards developing a more effective position.  Exercises to improve a horses jumping technique.  Course work exercises to aid the riding of related distances, dog legs, curving lines for example.




Cross Country Techniques.

Prepare for the more technical cross country fences in the confines of an all weather arena.  

Caroline can show you the correct techniques to confidently and safely ride a variety of fences such as corners, angled fences, skinny fences, combinations, technical lines and bounces, so leading to improved cross country performances.




Cross Country

Caroline is available to run cross country clinics, or private lessons at local cross country schooling courses.  Learn how to ride the different types of fences you will meet on cross country courses.  Gain an understanding of the variations in canter pace required for the different fence types: the canter required to jump a roll top, compared to the canter required to jump into water.  Developing riders position, so enabling a better balance and a more secure seat.



Schooling and Livery

Schooling and Holiday livery available.  Free draining sandy land enables turnout all year round.

All horses are individuals and are treated as such.  Horses will be stabled at night, and turned out during the day in individual paddocks.  All paddocks are double fenced so horses can see each other, but are unable to physically touch to minimise the risk of injury.

Horses taken in for schooling/training, will be assessed, and training plans drawn up in consultation with the owner.  Owners are encouraged to watch training sessions where possible.  

Exam Training

Caroline is an experienced Assessor, and is able to offer comprehensive training for British Horse Society and Pony Club Exams (including Riding and Road Safety).  Training is available for any level exam.  Training can be tailored to individuals needs, whether you require one off intensive revision sessions tailored to a specific subject area, or more regular sessions over a period of time.  Group sessions for Riding Club and Pony Club also available.

Coaching and advice towards UKCC.  Portfolio building, and assessment day training is available, whether for PC, BHS or dsicipline specific UKCC.

As an Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer for Work Based Diplomas, training can also be offered to help with completion of these Awards.

Stable Management

Training can be provided to enable an increase in knowledge to helping you to look after your horse more confidently.  Sessions can be offered on a range of subjects such as plaiting, trimming.

As a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, Caroline also offers the new BHS Challenge Awards.  The Awards are designed for any horse owner or rider who wants to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence.  The awards cover 2 introductory and 32 personal development challenges, split into 4 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

Training can also be provided for those wanting to take BHS Stage Assessments.